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What is Fantasy Premier League?

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Fantasy Premier League is an online game where users become the manager of their virtual football team. Millions of people across the globe take part in this action-packed fantasy sport, and it’s gaining in popularity as we speak!

This article covers the basic topics of and what it entails.

What is Fantasy Premier League?

Fantasy Premier League (FPL) is an online game that represents the real-life English Premier League. The current statistics show that almost six million people play FPL, and that number continues to grow.

It’s a popular entertainment source because it’s a free alternative to sports betting (although you still have the option to bet on the FPL and win big). It also increases the excitement factor when watching a football match.

In this game, the user is the manager of their selected team. Each manager receives a £100 million budget to choose 15 Premier League players. Each player has an assigned price.

The chosen team must consist of:

  • Two goalkeepers
  • Five defenders
  • Five midfielders
  • Three forwards

Each week, the players accumulate points based on their performances in the real Premier League matches. Users can change the formation of their side as well as transfer players in and out after the conclusion of every game week.

How to Join the Fantasy Premier League

It’s a rather straightforward process to join the FPL. Users can follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Premier League website.
  2. In the top right-hand corner, click the “Sign In” button.
  3. Click “Register” to create a new account.
  4. Enter the relevant information under each required field.
  5. Confirm the account in a verification email.

How to Play Fantasy Premier League

The FPL season begins in August each year and concludes in May. It’s best to play from the onset to gather more points. However, users can start playing whenever they wish.

Once a user logs into their account, they will see an empty team. The next step is to fill the team with 15 players on a £100 million budget. This works out to roughly £6.67 million per player.

If users choose an expensive player like Mohamed Salah, who is worth £13 million, they will need to balance this out by purchasing cheaper players as well.

Each week, users must choose the best starting lineup from their squad in an attempt to earn the most points. An injured or suspended player will not start. Users must accordingly move them to the bench or transfer them out completely.

There is one free transfer per week. The deadline for these decisions is one hour before the week’s first match.

Players earn points in each match. Here are some of the main ways to earn points:

  • Playing 0-59 minutes: 1
  • Playing 60 minutes: 2
  • Own goal: -2
  • Red card: -3
  • Yellow card: -1
  • Assist: 3
  • Penalty miss: -2

A full rundown of points allocation is available on the EPL website.


Fantasy Premier League is an exciting game of skill, and betting on FPL outcomes can get even more exciting, as huge prizes are usually in store for the winners (). It’s relatively quick to get to grips with, and players can sign up within minutes. Further information is available on the Premier League website to help users choose the best team.