“That’s why he is the king!”, “Legendary” – Twitter goes crazy as Man United legend mercilessly destroys Neymar

The World Cup is here and amidst all the shock results, Eric Cantona still had time to have a go at one of the stars at the tournament.

One of the favourites, Brazil, were held to a 1-1 draw by a plucky Switzerland side and a lot of attention was given to Neymar for his eccentric hairstyle.

This did not sit down well with our legend as Cantona mocked the Paris Saint-Germain attacker’s hairdo on social media with the caption being: “Neymar style…spaghetti al dente!”

Neymar certainly had it tough in the first game as he was picked upon by a number of Swiss players and was fouled 10 times in the game. Brazil will have to find their feet again as they face Serbia and Costa Rica in the group stages.

Cantona is known for his tirades on social media and it comes as no surprise that a number of fans were quick to comment on the post by the Manchester United legend.