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Mourinho’s Behaviour Is Causing Problems At Manchester United – Report

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Manchester United did not seem to do much wrong in the weekend’s game against West Ham. Yet, a 1-1 draw once again brought out the wrong side of Jose Mourinho in front of the world’s media. The Portuguese boss has been under immense stress and pressure over the last few weeks, as he has been unable to the Manchester United’s form. The self-appointed Special One has always been quick to point out the numerous trophies he has won in English football, but the last 12 odd months are sure turning out extremely tough for him.

Reports from Daily Mail claims that Manchester United are becoming increasingly concerned with the manager’s behaviour. Mourinho kicking the water bottle in disgust and anger after a refereeing decision in the game against West Ham has been highlighted as a symbol of the manager suffering from intense pressure. As one of the biggest clubs in the world, a Manchester United manager has more responsibilities than just picking up three points every weekend. Former boss Sir Alex Ferguson always made sure that the club’s image was impeccable even under the strenuous conditions. It was one of the main reasons for United being immensely successful over more than two decades.

Mourinho, meanwhile, has been unable to last for more than three years at the club. He may have managed some of the biggest clubs in the world like Real Madrid and won the Champions League twice, but he may have not been in such a situation before.

Immediately upon arriving at a new club, he is followed by a wave of enthusiasm that translates into a successful period straightaway. It is only towards the end of his regime when Mourinho has to contend with poor form, fallouts with players, and get involved in angry confrontations with the referee. He seems to have gone through every one of them in just a few months at Old Trafford. Since the loss in the Manchester derby back in September, United have never really been able to enjoy a run of form.

Daily Mail event reports that some players have seen Jose Mourinho possess a split personality. They seem unable to identify the manager’s mood, while he also seems to have a fractious relationship with players outside the first team. In fact, he has even been cross with some first team players like Luke Shaw and Chris Smalling. The decision to publicly criticise the England duo of commitment issues is not something a calm and composed Mourinho would do.

Perhaps, Manchester United will certainly benefit from the figure of a ‘stressed out’ Mourinho being absent from the touchline. It is exactly what they might get with Mourinho expecting a second stadium ban of the campaign.