“Let’s all get behind Wayne and the England team” – Chelsea Star Wades Into Wayne Rooney Row

terry rooney

John Terry will probably go down as one of the great defenders for the England national team over the last decade. However, Terry went out of international duty much earlier than expected due to perceived lack of support from the England FA over off the field issues. Terry may have been one of the patriotic personalities, but he felt deeply let down by the lack of support from fans too. Wayne Rooney is heading into a similar situation as the striker is facing a constant criticism from supporters.

Rooney was recently dropped for the World Cup qualifier against Slovenia by the caretaker manager Gareth Southgate. The former Middlesbrough boss suggested that Rooney’s form was a factor behind this decision. Rooney did play the full 90 minutes against Malta, but the crowd gave an overwhelming thumbs down to his performance with a lot of boos. Is it time the manager looked at himself for the poor performances of Rooney, who is England’s highest goalscorer of all time.

Recalling the glorious performances Rooney has provided over the years, John Terry has tried to put since back into the supporters and managers. He said, through his Instagram page:

“Wayne Rooney England’s highest record goalscorer in the history of our game.

“Soon to be the most capped player our great country has ever produced.

“One of the very best players I have seen and had the pleasure playing with in my lifetime and a man who has given everything for England.”

Terry may no longer be available for England selection, even though former manager Sam Allardyce did confirm his intentions to persuade the Chelsea defender to return, but the 35-year-old has once again been displaying his patriotic nature by backing a player who just seems to be confused about his position on the pitch.

Despite having been a striker throughout his career, there have been occasions when the striker has played in positions like the winger or as the number 10 and in central midfield as well. Rooney may be a victim of his own versatility, as the decision by former boss Louis van Gaal to move him in the midfield position looks set to stay for the time being. Rooney lacks the physical presence to excel these days, while his predatory instincts and finishing skills are being wasted when used significantly away from the 18-yard box.

One of the reasons for his poor performance against Malta may be playing in midfield once again. Ryan Giggs is certainly not the first to question a manager’s decision to use a player like Rooney, who is an all-time record goalscorer for club and country, in a midfielder role when there are several options already available in this position. Giggs is of the opinion that even Rooney now looks confused about his position on the pitch and it may take a while before he settles back as the striker.

A player going through a transitional period at the age of 30 is going to need significant to adapt. Rooney, unfortunately, is not being given the time according to international stars like Giggs and Terry.