Drop Rojo, Consider Blind As Permanent CB, And More: 3 Big Talking Points From Manchester United vs Everton

Manchester United vs Everton: 3 Big Talking Points

Red Devils move a position up in the league table. A win against the Toffees on Sunday has given Van Gaal’s men a major boost to end their season in the top four of the English Premier League. Champions League qualification is a must for Manchester United in the next season as they look to sign top-class players in the upcoming transfer window.

Even though there was a lack in the goals department, the game was exciting to watch as both sides played equally good, or well, bad.

Let’s look at some main talking points from the clash at Old Trafford:


Since Martinez has been put in-charge of the team, their performance has gone noticeably low. Before Martinez, the club used to finish their season being in the upper half of the table, mostly 5th-7th position.

His ways and philosophies are just not working right for Everton. Martinez also hasn’t been able to make an exceptional signing for the club till now.

The Everton manager seriously needs to get more wins before he is replaced by someone else.