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Would it be the correct decision to ship out Ashley Young?

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With reports that David Moyes is growing tired of Ashley Young’s antics on the field and is likely to get rid of the winger in the summer, I – as a life-long Manchester United fan , have a look if the ex-Everton manager is correct in ridding the club of his nonsense.

First of all, I was one of the few supporters in my group of friends who stuck up for Young last season, after all – he did suffer his injury set back.

I have always seen him as a clever, tricky winger who has a wicked delivery on him. A bit lightweight, yes, but there was enough about him to make an impact on the topflight. Now, though, his theatrics are starting to overshadow his talent, and I believe it’s time to go.

So far this season he has played four Premier League games and has scored zero, assisted zero and made a huge mistake in the tie against Liverpool which was followed by a Scouse attack.

He has won a spineless 3/10 of his take ons and an embarrassing 1/5 of his headers while holding one of the worst pass completion rates at the club this season.

I know I’m not the only one who is fed up with his performances and his constant falling over. The sooner we let him go and start utilising Wilfried Zaha the better, in my eyes.

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