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United Hold All The Aces In Rooney Power Struggle

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Sir Alex Ferguson announced his retirement, David Moyes was named as his successor, Paul Scholes also brought down the curtain on his Manchester United career for the second and final time, and in other football news a certain Scouse lad who goes by the name of Wayne Rooney, once again stated his desire to leave the club, proving that lightening can strike twice in the same place, it’s groundhog day.

We’ve been here before haven’t we? 

Its a case of déjà vu. In October 2010 Rooney issued a statement in which he questioned the club’s ability to attract top players and indicated he wanted to leave because he didn’t feel that United could match his ambitions, Just over 2 years since that first written transfer request, why has Rooney once again stated his desire to leave United? Has he lost his desire and fight to try and regain his title as the clubs talisman?

Rooney admitted in his autobiography that handing in a transfer request to Sir Alex Ferguson was one of the biggest regrets of his life, 2 days after that 2010 transfer request Rooney performed a dramatic U-turn and signed a new five-year contract at Old Trafford, its now Manchester United that hold the strongest hand in this card game, they will dictate Rooney’s future, not the other way around.

Let’s be honest, the majority of United supporters have probably let the Rooney 2010 transfer request pass them by under the bridge, some buried their head in the sand, we all have different ways of dealing with situations like this, but at the end of the day, nobody put a gun to Rooney’s head and forced him to ask for a transfer did they?

The Manchester United supporters, who buried their head in the sand, are the ones who took the “Wayne Rooney was badly advised by his agent” bait, hook, line, and sinker. Lets not forget that Rooney would have had the final say on any decision to go public with his first transfer request, Rooney would have had to give his agent the thumbs up after reading the statement that us United supporters would have to painfully sit and listen to, they do say it takes two to tango don’t they?

Rooney’s 2010 transfer request could not have come at a worse time for Sir Alex Ferguson. Rooney was the talisman at United back then, and following the departure of fans favourite and club legend Cristiano Ronaldo the season before, the loss of Rooney that season would have sent out mixed message’s to supporters, as it would have portrayed a club who were cashing in on their best players and taking a backwards step.

What was more worrying at that time, was that Rooney was considering a move across to the blue side of Manchester, it was reported that he liked the project, and the money on offer at City and was preparing to team up with former United player Carlos Tevez.

That would have been a move that would have sent shock waves across, not just Manchester, but the world, it would have been a huge statement by Manchester City at that time to acquire the services of Rooney, who was Uniteds’s star player and main attraction, he was considering joining a blue moon that was evidently on the rise at that time.

Some people subscribe to the theory, that a visit from a group of United supporters dressed in black clothing, to Rooney’s Prestbury mansion in Cheshire, was a huge contributing factor when Rooney performed his transfer u-turn in 2010, does anybody seriously believe that? Rooney is a grown man who is capable of handling himself, he also has 24 hour security at his house, so fingers have to point in the direction of the improved contract he was offered as the main reason, money talks.

A sign of how Rooney’s importance and popularity has changed amongst United supporters are clearly evident, when you consider that the 30 strong mob that previously payed Rooney a visit to his home address to ask him why he wanted to leave, do not feel it’s necessary to the same this time around. 

Is that your dummy on the floor Wayne next to your Shrek teddy bear? It does seem that you are throwing your toys out of the pram, what is ironic about this latest transfer request, is that the reason is supposedly because of his lack of first team action in the second half of the season, well unfortunately Wayne, this is a club that is struggling to find a place in the starting eleven for you because of something that you wished for in 2010 when you questioned the players Manchester United could attract, whatever happened to trying to fight for your place in the team? Or do you think you are bigger than the club now?

The signing of Robin van Persie last season was a huge statement of intent from United following the huge disappointment of losing the Barclays Premier League on the final day, on goal difference. RVP hit the ground running at United, instantly installing him as the first name on the team sheet, something Rooney was once used to, not anymore.

The second half to this season, was a case of trying to fit Wayne Rooney into the team, that was until the manager realised that he did not have to try and create a role for him, United no longer need Rooney in the team to make them tick.

This was clearly evident in Champions League games against Real Madrid this season, when in the second leg at Old Trafford, Sir Alex dropped Rooney. What is sad, is that Rooney seems to have lost that hunger, that fight, that desire, hes not prepared to try and get into the team off merit.

Rooney is not, and never will be a player in the world class bracket, you simply can’t mention him in the same breath as Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. World class players are unplayable, they produce moments of breathtaking magic on a regular basis, after watching United this season, it’s proved that Rooney is no longer a vital component at the club, It does look like we have had the best out of him during his 9 years at the club. 

How many United supporters have you heard say “I can see Rooney dropping in and playing that midfield role like Scholsey”? Well I’ve heard a few, and one thing I know from watching Rooney play that role is that he is not, and will never be a central midfield player at Manchester United.

He’s done a job in that central role against a few teams this season, but not top opposition, he would get torn to pieces against a decent midfield in the Premier League or Champions League. Imagine Wayne Rooney in a midfield battle against the likes of Bayern Munich midfield general Bastian Schweinsteiger? Scary thought indeed.

What is strange about this transfer request is that Sir Alex used his last ever Old Trafford post match interview as manger of Manchester United, to inform the world that Wayne Rooney had handed in a transfer request that the club had declined. Sir Alex could have kept this within the club, choosing to publicly highlight Rooney’s request was surly a parting shot? Maybe Sir Alex’s wounds have not fully healed since 2010, when he sat and addressed the media looking like a broken man, confirming that Rooney wanted to jump ship.

Sir Alex was asked by Sky Sports in his last Old Trafford interview as manager, if he thinks Rooney will still be at Manchester United next season, Ferguson laughed and said “Its not my decision now”, obviously suggesting that it’s now David Moyes’ call to make.

The day following United’s last home game, when they lifted a historic 20th league title, the players left Old Trafford parading the Premier League trophy on a open top bus, as it left the stadium and turned into Chester Road where I was stood, I could see Rooney, he didn’t look in the party mood like the rest of the squad, he looked a little distant and distracted. 

I later found out off a friend, that just previous to me catching a glimpse of him, some abuse had been fired in his direction from supporters venting their anger at his transfer request, apparently it didn’t get any better for Rooney as the bus went down Deansgate and approached the centre of Manchester, but what did you expect Wayne?

You brought this on yourself, it’s the second time supporters have had to deal with this transfer request, this time, the majority seem to have lost all patience and want a quick end to the negativity you spread throughout our club.

It’s up to Manchester United to decide if they want to keep Rooney this time, we as United supporters have always been told that no player is bigger than the club. United refusing the transfer is a simple reaction, they don’t want to agree to it, as it will lower Rooney’s stock, clubs will think they can get him on the cheap because it will give the impression that he’s unsettled.

There can be no transfer u-turn this time around, its now time that Manchester United offloaded Wayne Rooney, use the money to bring in someone who is willing to fight for his position in the squad, and realise the honour of representing and playing for such a historic club.

United cant be tiptoeing around a player in fear of them handing in a transfer request, thanks for the memories Wayne, but its time to say goodbye, we only want players at Manchester United who have the desire and fight when wearing that famous red shirt, it seems that sadly you no longer have either of them attributes.

It’s now Manchester United who hold all the aces in this Rooney card game, you lost the power to dictate Wayne, when you last held the club to Ransom. I don’t expect to see Wane Rooney at Old Trafford next season, well, maybe once, as an opposition player, he will probably kiss the badge of his new club after scoring against us, once a blue always a red Wayne? Don’t make me laugh.

I’ve witnessed you kiss 2 different club crests, one of those gestures was aimed in the direction of the supporters who’s club, presented you with the chance to showcase your talent to the world, the team you supported as a child.

By Kevin Ashford @KevinAshford7