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Dempsey Breaks United’s Hearts With Late Equaliser

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Clint Dempsey scored his second goal of the season against Manchester United, just as Sir Alex Ferguson’s side were so close from going seven points clear at the top. In the end after pressure the defence couldn’t quite hold out and as a result United drew with Tottenham.

In the beginning United barely touched the ball. Although this happened Tottenham could not find there way to net as David De Gea did face not face a shot. Then between the 10th and 25th minute, Untied finally put pressure on Tottenham and as result they saw them themselves inching ever so closely to a goal.

In the 25th minute Robin van Persie showed north London what they were missing as he struck again and United took the lead. Going into the half Dempsey’s reign started but each shot failed as Untied went into half time with the lead.

Coming out of the half Dempsey’s reign continued and even though it continued the defence still stopped and Untied found themselves leading 1-0 thanks to RVP’s goal. As the end was coming Dempsey and Spurs kept getting shots and attempts in on goal but  De Gea and the defence stood up to the task.

Then extra time came and with less than a minute to go just when United fans thought it was over it wasn’t as Dempsey found the net tucking home Aaron Lennon’s cross and tied the game. A great goal for the American, a bitter one for United to concede.

United’s defence did well but will have to get even better if they want to keep and extend their now five-point lead at the top of the table over Roberto Mancini’s Manchester City.

By Harold Hershman @hhdj89