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United Should Sign David Beckham This Summer

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Forget about all the talented players that have been linked with a move to Old Trafford this year, one player Manchester United should seriously consider signing this summer who would prove to be pivotal and important, is David Beckham.

No, I have not been making the most of the reasonably priced alcohol down at my local Weatherspoons!

Reading the start of this article will have had the word ‘Glazernomics’ going through most supporters heads. I am not suggesting we bring him back as a player,

Beckham is clearly passed it, but as an ambassador of the club who would assist in the signing of future talent in a transfer market that United are clearly struggling in, what do you think of my idea now then?

Since 2009 the transfer market has seen United lose out to Karim Benzema, Alexis Sanchez, Samir Nasri, and most recently Eden Hazard. United officially identified all of these players through their scouting network, and placed bids to try and secure the services of the exciting talents of World football.

Some supporters will feel that the Glazers are responsible for not capturing these future talents, but it seems to me that the creme da la creme of world footballers are no longer attracted to the name Manchester United, the teams history, it’s global fan base, or playing in front of 76,000 spectators at the famous Old Trafford.

I remember a time when players with the calibre of Roy Keane turned down increased personal terms from other clubs, simply because he said he “could not miss out on the opportunity to play for Manchester United”, it seems that times are changing rapidly in football.

You hear of so many ex-United players stating that they could not resist the chance of playing for the reds, but that seems to be changing, obviously not helped by Russian and Sheikh billionaires investing in football clubs, and football agents advising players badly and trying to get the best deal for their client.

United also seem to be struggling to hang on to youngsters coming through the youth ranks these days. Although Ravel Morrison probably left for non-footballing reasons, and was pushed towards the exit door in the end, Paul Pogba looks set to turn his back on the reds in favour of a lucrative offer from Italian side Juventus.

Sir Alex Ferguson mentioned a few months ago, that a contract proposal had been put to Pogba and his agent, and that Rio Ferdinand was also trying to persuade the Frenchman that Manchester United was the place for him to shine. Ferdinand was clearly involved because he is viewed as an experienced player in the squad who also has the respect of the younger players who look up to him. 

This is where I feel the addition of David Beckham working behind the scenes as United’s club ambassador could give the reds an edge, in what has proved to be a difficult and competitive transfer market to acquire the rising stars of the game.

Other teams have ex-players doing similar roles, Close to home Patrick Vieria does a similar role and played a part in bringing Samir Nasri to Manchester City, obviously the other part involved a lucrative contract and a brown envelope addressed to the players agent.

Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid was responsible for Karim Benzema choosing the Spanish side over the red of Manchester. Zidane is a legend of world football who had a highly successful career, he made a call to Benzema in which he described his time at Real Madrid and told him that he should join them over United.

So why don’t United consider employing an ex player like Beckham to assist the club in its transfer dealings? Surly it would do no harm?

Most recently, if the social networking site Twitter is to be believed, Eden Hazard has chosen to sign for Chelsea, a move that means he has snubbed United. Hazard is 21 years of age, trying to sign players now is almost pitching yourself to them.

Although you will get supporters who say “if they don’t want to sign for the club we don’t want them” I agree with that to a certain extent, but let’s imagine before Hazard choose Chelsea that David Beckham was working in the role that I have suggested at Old Trafford, a role that I am sure Beckham would be proud and honoured to carry out taking into account his love and passion for the Manchester club.

United in advance would have briefed Beckham on Eden Hazard and told him he was a future talent they did not want to let slip through their fingers. Beckham then makes the phone call, and in his soft cockney accent says “Eden? It’s David Beckham, I am calling because my club Manchester United want to sign you, can we meet up so that I can discuss my time at United and why I think they are the club and platform for you to showcase your talent at?”

I honestly think that appointing such a charismatic and respected iconic figure like David Beckham, would give United that extra edge in a transfer market that has become very competitive. Beckham has great memories of his time at Old Trafford, the treble season in 1999 being the highlight.

He also knows Sir Alex and has always stated that the Scots man was “like a father figure” during his illustrious time at United. All he would have to do is tell the transfer target of those great memories and experiences. Also the fact that Beckham is the most famous footballer in the world, and a powerful iconic figure that every player would be familiar with, would mean that any potential target would be highly motivated and inspired by listening to a player like Beckham.

I am not for one minute being totally naive and suggesting that we would have signed all the transfer targets we have missed out on if Beckham was involved in the negotiations, but you must surly agree to some extent, that he would have enhanced Manchester United’s chances of signing some of the players that have slipped through the reds landing net over the last few years wouldn’t he?

By Kevin Ashford @KevinAshford7