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Some Wishful Summer Signings!

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Here`s one for the fancy of Manchester United fans` minds: who would be that one player from each of Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal and Spurs that we would like to sign? Here are my choices:

From Arsenal I would like to sign Bacary Sagna. Yeah I know. A defender from Arsenal. Comical, yet true.

But given that we have not been able to have a nailed on player for that spot ever since Gary Neville lost his prowess, Sagna, in my opinion would be a brilliant signing for us. He is fast, strong and a good defender. He is counted as one of the best right backs in the league and rightly so. One of Arsene Wenger`s brilliant buys this lad.

He would form a great partnership with Antonio Valencia on the right wing and his solidity in defence would bring calmness all around. His fee would also be max 14m. That’s pretty cheap given that he is 29 and has been in England for five years already so will be well versed with it.

From Liverpool I would like to sign Lucas Leiva. Most of us would have wanted Steven Gerrard but given that he stays injured a lot, is 31 and so wouldn’t add the value that we would’ve liked him to.

I instead plump for a guy who has improved so much that his absence is being touted as a reason every time Liverpool do not do well. This is the guy who in the first few years of his arrival from Gremio, Brazil was heckled by the Anfield faithful and mocked by all others. 

His commitment, drive, energy and determination make him a pretty good potential signing. He is 25 and would be available for £12-14m pounds. I would go for him. He would add the necessary bite to our midfield and since he has been here for five years already and that too at a trophy-driven club like Liverpool, he would not take too long to adjust to our game

From Tottenham I shall go for Luka Modric. I have already written a piece about why we need him, which you can go and read to see why I rate him highly.

This leaves us with Chelsea. You’ll be shocked but I would plump for Fernando Torres. With the signings from above, the only area that needs improvement would be our forward line. I am not against Danny Welbeck or Javier Hernandez but El Nino is in a different class to those two. Imagine a Rooney-Torres partnership. Goals goals…and more goals!

This what I can visualize. The guy has had a torrid two years but I am pretty sure that that wouldn’t have occurred had he been with us. The way we play and his qualities would make for a good marriage. He is a very good finisher, has blistering pace, is a game changer and would be a great partner for Rooney. He is really good at assists as well so it’s not just about the goals that we are talking about.

I would pay roundabout £22m for him if I were Sir Alex Ferguson. He is 28 and so can give us four top years still.  Plus, he is well adjusted with the rigors of the Premier League. Sir Alex would be able to manage him very well and bring the best out of him.

Plus, his being in the team will bring in the fear and awe factor which we had kind’ve lost after Cristiano Ronaldo and Carlos Tevez departed. In my view, he would be a great signing. Welbeck and Chicharito can learn a lot from watching him at close quarters.

By Yashasvee Prasad