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Singing Section Could Revive Old Trafford Atmosphere

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Supporter clubs and fanzines of Manchester United are currently in negotiations with the Old Trafford hierarchy to try and implement a singing section into the stadium to improve the match day atmosphere that has sadly been on a worrying decline for the last ten years.

This is news that I am sure will be backed and welcomed by the majority of United supporters who want to try and help recapture the atmosphere that has at times, been disgracefully subdued over recent years, even in the so called ‘big games’ against Chelsea and Arsenal.

I am surprised it has taken so long for this proposal to be put forward to the club, but it seems that finally supporters of United have go together to voice their opinions on the matter, and have proceeded to put the wheels in motion.

Singing sections have generally been introduced to clubs that have in recent years moved to a new stadium like Manchester City. It doesn’t really come as any surprise to me that United are open to the idea that supporter clubs are currently discussing with them.

It’s a no brainier in my opinion and something that should have been looked at years ago. The proposal will see the singing section implemented into the East Lower – Blocks EL133, 134, 135, 136, 137 and 138. East Lower is currently one of the more vocal areas within Old Trafford, its the stand where the away supporters currently take up their ticket allocation.

This would see away supporters moved into tier three of the Sir Alex Ferguson stand. This will be tested for the first time in United’s Premier League home clash against Aston Villa on Sunday April the 15th.

I can’t see many supporters looking at this negatively. Away supporters have always taken up what I consider to be one of the best views at Old Trafford.

Think about how other away teams treat United with regards to ticket allocations and prices, the away supporters section at Newcastle United’s stadium springs to mind, stuck up in the gods where you can’t be heard and the home support can drown you out easily. The current away support at Old Trafford can generate a lot of noise as they are pitch side, they can have the effect of an extra man and lift their team.

My only concern, if you could call it a concern, would be that moving the away supporters so far away from the home crowd, would almost instantly kill the banter that fans have had being sat so close to each other. Supporters who I know that sit near the away fans are a bit apprehensive and sceptical of the proposal because they enjoy the banter so much on match days.

The match day atmosphere at Old Trafford has been killed by the corporate seats, and the day-trippers reluctance to sing and join in with people who want to create an atmosphere. By offering supporters the chance to switch seats to a singing section will ensure they can sing, and not be told to sit down by the person behind them at times of attacking play or flash points in the game.

I have even heard stories of United fans, being told to sit down by fellow supporters sat behind them, so that they can see the players celebrating the goal that has just been scored!

The singing section is an interesting idea and proposal that I hope to see implemented so that we can see if it can function and be a success. I imagine that demand for seats in it will be high, as die hard reds will be able to almost experience an away day atmosphere at Old Trafford, at every home match.

Further information and updates regarding the news of this proposal, including the actual proposal itself, can be found at www.stretfordendflags.com.

By Kevin Ashford @KevinAshford7