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Please Sir Alex, Go And Get Modric!

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Luka Modric….That diminutive Croatian who has taken the premier league by storm in the past couple of seasons and who was the subject of a £40m failed bid from Chelsea last summer has been a supposed transfer target for Manchester United for at least a year and a half.

There have been innumerous media reports linking us with a big move for him. He is the need of the hour for us. Here’s why:

1) We had Scholes with us who was an absolute genius and still is given the way he controls the ball and passes with 90% plus accuracy almost always. Luka is a player who the ginger prince has himself admitted to having a style of play most similar to his own as compared to the likes of Wesley Sneijder. An endorsement from Scholes is a big plus point for any potential replacement.

2) Luka brings calmness and composure to the midfield, a quality that Scholes had in abundance and one which is a must in any top level midfield. Players like Andrea Pirlo are much sought after due to this ability of theirs.

3) Luka is a hard worker who doesn’t shirk his defensive duties. He tracks back to win the ball from the opposition and then starts attacks for his team. This quality has endeared him to fans of both Tottenham and Croatia.

4) In 141 appearances for Spurs, Luka has 16 goals and 26 assists to his name. He plays 30+ games a season so we can see that he maintains his fitness levels pretty decently. His deftness of movement and dexterity (he can shoot with both feet) make him a very tough player to stop as the marker won`t know how to contain him.

5) Luka is a manager’s delight. Harry Redknapp has repeatedly praised him for having an exemplary attitude towards the game and being a model professional. He is highly ambitious and that augurs well for us as he`ll be fired up to help us win as many trophies as possible.

6) He`ll relieve Wayne of the need to play deeper than is needed for a striker. His presence will ensure that Wayne stays more inside the box and has more pops at the goal than he usually does. Luka`ll spread out the play and bring Nani and Antonio Valencia into the fold quite brilliantly.

7) He has played in the Premier League for 4 years now. That is a big plus point as he won`t have to adapt to the nature of the league. The only adaptation he`ll need to do is with our style of play which, I’m sure, Sir Alex Ferguson should be able to get the maximum out of Luka.

I would strongly recommend that we buy him in the summer transfer window. He is 26 now and could give us 6-7 years of high class service that we so desperately need if we are to challenge the European behemoths Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona for the UEFA Champions League title. Sign him up Fergie!!

By Yashasvee Prasad