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A Chat With The Opposition: Chelsea

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In light of Manchester United’s trip to Stamford Bridge to face Chelsea tomorrow, I thought it’d be good to chat to Chelsea fan Scott Balaam @scottbalaam, getting his take on Chelsea’s season so far ahead of the match at the weekend.

First question, Chelsea has had a topsy-turvy season so far. Was this season always going to tough, given that Andre Villas-Boas was brought in, implementing a new style of regime at your club?

Whilst I had hoped the season would’ve gone better, I appreciate the club is going through a period of transition and it will take time but there are positive signs.

Frank Lampard it appears is not in Villas-Boas’ good books. What do you think is the reason for this and do you think that perhaps now is the time for Lampard to move on, despite his love of playing for your club?

In one word – NO. Lamps has been incredible for the club and even though he may not be an automatic choice for the starting XI but even when he’s having a so called bad season he has still scored 12 times.

Where do you stand with Fernando Torres. Clearly Villas-Boas is a believer of his but do you think in all honesty that the Spaniard’s best-form, which came at Liverpool, is well and truly behind him?

I want him to score, I want to see the ‘old’ Torres but so far it hasn’t happened – it’s not all doom and gloom, he has shown glimpses but I’m waiting to see a return on the huge transfer fee. Historically he’s enjoyed playing United and I hope he will have a blinder on Sunday.

Defensively alike all the top teams, Chelsea have looked weak. However you have dragged inGary Cahill. Is he the answer to your problem at the back and do you see him as a future Chelsea and England captain?

Gary hasn’t had the best season but I put that down to him wanting to move, now at the Bridge there is no reason he won’t be a success. I can see him and JT forming an excellent partnership, and in the long term he could well become the future captain.

Speaking of captains, for reasons well documented it’s been a difficult season for John Terry. He’s a strong character who Chelsea fans have stuck by. Do you see him ever regaining the form he had between 2003-2007 when he was in his prime, how much longer can he be a first-choice for you?

When anyone gets older it gets harder, he’s still first choice and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.

Ever since Roman Ambramovich took over, you have been fighting for the league and trophies every season. What’s the mood like at Stamford Bridge amongst the fans that thanks to the emergence of Manchester City and Spurs that you are now no longer fighting it out for second-place, yet alone league titles?

It’s hard seeing Spurs above us, but I am confident that the club will end up above them, but top two will be too hard this season BUT on a positive we’re still in the Champions League!!!

Romelu Lukaku has barley figured for you this season. Why is that is has the lad’s clearly a special player. Do you see him playing a major-role next season when he will have more of an opportunity to play as it appears that his hero in Didier Drogba is likely for pastures new?

I am very disappointed that he hasn’t played more, maybe now Anelka’s gone hopefully he’ll play more. If not, I can’t see why he hasn’t been sent out on loan – I think he has an excellent future ahead of him and it will be at Stamford Bridge.

After coming back from a successful loan from Bolton last season, Danny Sturridge has been the breakout start for Chelsea this season. Do you see him becoming your no.1 striker alongside Torres next season?

You could say he’s currently already in that position, it would be good to see him get more of a chance down the middle but he’s an exciting talent who looks like a new player since his loan deal ended.

Aside from Sturridge, another positive has been Juan Mata. Have you been surprised at how quickly he’s been adapt to the physicality of English football and who do you think is best-suited to partnering him in Chelsea’s central-midfield?

Well, whilst he can play down the middle he generally starts on the left and often has a free role. I didn’t really know much about him before his sign but he’s been a revelation and as the team develops he will play a huge part in the club’s future success.

Looking at the game on Sunday, you have defensive problems, Manchester Untied have injury and goalkeeping problems. How do you see the game panning out?

The games at Stamford Bridge are generally tighter than at Old Trafford, but with both clubs needing to win there should be lots of goals especially as both teams look better going forward than at the back.

Lastly which teams do you think will finish in the Top 4? And who do you think will get relegated?

Ha Ha! Tricky.

Top Four: Manchester City, Mancester United, Chelsea & Spurs.

Relegation: I want to say QPR but Wolves, Wigan and Bolton.

Thanks to Scott for the interview, check out his brilliant Chelsea website.

By Adam Dennehey @ADennehey87