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Liverpool vs United, What The Hell Was That?

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Saturday 15th October 2011, and Liverpool’s Cup Final arrived. Early kick-off, to reduce alcohol intake time. Expectations high for a passionate, exciting game.

But what the hell was that?

Pre-match Sir asked for no Munich or Hillsborough songs, and that’s good. Kenny’s daughter’s interview was brought up again (boring), and he also called Sir’s team selection an insult but he should have saved that comment until he beat the insult, which they didn’t..

The game was a tepid affair with 10 men in midfield, poor passing. It was a pointless, energetic stalemate.

Why? Did Sir know that Liverpool would play Suarez alone up top, and decide to blank out Steven Gerrard? Who would have predicted a midfield of Park Ji-Sung, Ryan Giggs, Darren Fletcher, Phil Jones and Young Ashley? Effectively a back 7 for United, playing for a 0-0 result.

So was that a good plan or not? Maybe ahead of a trip to Europe on the 18th, and Citeh on Sunday, he decided a point was all we need when 2 wins are now essential to avoid some stressy weeks ahead. Also resting Wayne Rooney, Chicarito, Nani and Antonio Valencia seems pretty sensible with bigger games to come. 

I mean why have a squad if your’e not going to use it?

So I feel I learned more about Liverpool than i did about United and here is what I learned:

1) They have no ambition, to play 4-5-1 at home was a bad attitude, and yes we have done it too and I’ve said the same.

2) They have some very poor players, and I do mean Charlie Adam, Lucas Leiva and Dirk Kuyt in particular. They don’t have the quality in midfield to break down any team who defends deep.

3) They are out of Europe and will stay there. This lack of ambition will mean Spurs will take 5th place and i think Arsenal will pass Liverpool because they play to win.

4) Andy Carroll is not good enough to play in the big games. He is an expensive battering ram for the Stoke City game, or Wolves, or Swansea but not their Citeh/Chelski/United fixtures.

5) Luis Suarez is good enough for RADA, he acts his way to free kicks and that takes so much away from his ability that he will eventually stop getting free kicks a la Cristiano Ronaldo when he was in his swallow period.

6) Gerrard is not the player he was. Fact.

7) Liverpool haven’t got a winger, even those they have can’t get to the bye line and cross. They play down the middle and that’s easy to defend.

8) Anfield is an old tired Stadium too small for a top European team and so suits its resident.

9) Liverpool vs Man Utd is not the game it used to be.

10) Although I’m fit and well I still won’t live long enough to see Liverpool win the Premier League.

Bring on Man City and let it be a game of quality, because this one wasn’t.

By Steve Burrows CBE @ifollowsteve