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It’s Interesting How The FA Are Now Supporting Rooney

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I was not the slightest bit surprised to hear that the FA will be appealing the three match ban that Wayne Rooney quite rightly deserved for his red card last Friday evening playing for England.

Rooney is by far the most important player that England and the FA have, England pin their hopes on him in all qualifying and tournament games, the FA need him because he is the most famous English man in the squad and commercially is worth a fortune through sponsorship to them.

After his straight red card on Friday for kicking an opposition player in sheer frustration the FA have decided to stand by Rooney and try to get his suspension overturned to a one match ban so he is available for all England’s Euro 2012 games. This is the same FA that last season handed the same player (Rooney) a two match ban for swearing when celebrating a goal?

It is a total embarrassment by the FA and shows just how desperate they are for Rooney to represent them. If Rooney knew exactly how important and in high esteem he is held at the FA he probably could have had his two game ban for swearing overturned if he had stood up to the FA and told them he would never play again for England if they banned him, why not? Alan Shearer is reported to have done this when he was England captain after elbowing a player when playing for Newcastle.

I have recently heard stories about the FA and you take some comments with a pinch of salt but today’s statement and decision to stand by a player that was rightly given a red card for a reckless lack of temperament challenge shows to me just how much of a joke the FA really are, it’s almost cringe worthy to an extent because they know the value of Rooney’s image rights to sponsors in a big tournament.

One person who will certainly will have not been the slightest bit surprised about the jesters at the FA standing by and defending Rooney will be Sir Alex Ferguson, a man that has had constant battles with an association who are only bothered about themselves and not the English domestic league. That’s the same association that the late Sir Matt Busby had problems with.

It will be of real interest being a Manchester United supporter myself, to see how the FA deal with any future incidents involving Rooney. If he scores the winner at the Kop End of Anfield against Liverpool in injury time next Saturday and Swears as he celebrates in pure ecstasy and delight, will the FA give him another two game ban?

Let’s just wait and see, it will not be too long before United and the FA go head to head on a collision course again, what will be interesting will be how the FA decide to punish the incident especially if it involves a certain Mr Rooney.

By Kevin Ashford @KevinAshford7