The many incredible uses hemp

Did you know that hemp is not only used to make t-shirts and CBD oil? The applications of this plant are truly endless! Cannabis is good for everything from making clothing and building materials to powering cars and planes.

You can purchase many hemp-based products and . In this article, we will explore some of the most impressive uses of hemp…you will be blown away! Read on to learn more about this amazing plant!

Hemp helps keep active and fit through exercise

Not surprisingly, there are many athletes who rely on hemp-based products as they appreciate their stimulating and regenerating effects. Stress, tiredness and insufficient sleep certainly do not stimulate the desire to exercise. CBD oil, on the other hand, also helps break this vicious cycle of malaise and lack of willpower. Furthermore, many athletes also use help products for recovery and sore muscles. 

Using hemp for better sleep

If you suffer from insomnia or do not feel refreshed when you wake up, perhaps you are overlooking some good practices that can help you get better rest in addition to administering CBD. 

Hemp can be used as fuel for cars!

Have you ever thought that it is possible to power a car exclusively with hemp or raw materials derived from it? Although this statement initially aroused a lot of skepticism, Henry Ford immediately believed in the hemp plant, convincing everyone of the opposite.

In 1941, an article in a specialized magazine about mechanics wrote about the revolutionary invention of Henry Ford. More than 12 years earlier, the automaker had begun work on a vehicle that could not only be built with natural materials but also powered by them. The search for a suitable raw material ended with hemp, a popular plant at the time. The result was indeed a car that ran on hemp fuel! This was made entirely with biodegradable materials. The engine ran on hemp oil, extracted from hemp seeds, and methanol. Although Henry Ford did his best to produce these vehicles as environmentally friendly as possible, the manufacturing companies of the time were not enthusiastic about the use of plant-based raw materials, much less hemp or other plants.

The enormous potential of the hemp plant was not well seen even by the American steel industry, so much so that as early as 1937 the cultivation of hemp was prohibited by the Marihuana Tax Act. Furthermore, its processing was taxed so heavily as to become unprofitable for the industry. Henry Ford therefore had to reluctantly abandon the dream of the hemp-powered car.

Hemp machine

But how has the situation evolved in the 21st century? Is hemp still relevant in the days of electric motors? Lithium-ion batteries have become an indispensable part of our daily lives; think of smartphones, laptops and even electric cars. But a potential competitor is already around the corner: recently published research has shown that hemp batteries can be a more efficient and also more powerful alternative.

Using the hemp plant in batteries

In one particular study, researchers found that the currents needed in hemp batteries were as much as eight times higher than in conventional batteries. Therefore, a hemp battery would not only be more efficient but also much more sustainable. In 2018, a motorcycle manufacturer in Texas even developed hemp-based batteries for its ReVolt series of electric motorcycles. Therefore hemp can be used as an alternative and efficient battery. 

Discovery of the United States – Hemp goes around the world

In 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered America, but not in just any boat: his sailcloth and all rigging was made of hemp or hemp fibres. It was, therefore, Columbus himself who also brought the hemp plant to America.

But why hemp? At the time, no comparable material offered better protection against storms at sea. However, this is not an invention attributable to Columbus as the processing of cannabis in boat building was probably common at the time. What is clear from written sources is that Columbus loved hemp as a material and rarely sailed in boats made in any other way.


As you have seen the applications of hemp are varied and many. You can research more about hemp, CBD and CBD oils online and purchase your products either online or in-store across Europe and the UK. Make sure to read about the particular legality of these products in your country so you can safely enjoy the many benefits this incredible plant offers. 

That’s why so many people are now using CBD buds, CBD oils, but also CBD cosmetics, hair treatments and more!

Written by Thomas Hein

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