Finding the best mobile apps for betting: what to look for?

The way that sports betting is done today has absolutely nothing to do with how it was done some years ago, even after the introduction of the internet and the move from brick-and-mortar bookies to online betting sites. It is a mere fact that now all the action has gone one step further, bringing betting right in front of bettor’s eyes, right in front of their face and right below their fingertips. Mobile betting is growing bigger and bigger, leaving other communication channels far behind. 

Mobile betting has grown so much because users now demand to have everything with a simple tap on their phone or any other portable device. That is why all betting sites now at are investing much money to develop and launch mobile applications that will trigger the interest of bettors, optimize their betting experience and eventually manage to bring in more betting revenues. 

But as the number of mobile apps for sports betting keeps growing and growing and competition becomes more fierce, you need to be able to distinguish the good from the bad apps and to find the best apps that suit your needs and provide better quality services as well as greater user experience. 

Here’s everything you need to know in order to find the best mobile apps for sports betting. The basic criteria and the things you should look for in mobile apps: 

1. Live streaming

Live streaming is no longer the prerogative of betting sites alone. Sports betting apps need to feature not only live betting, but live streaming as well and this is one key indicator that they are doing a good job in delivering user satisfaction and in providing a more complete user experience. So, make sure that you choose a betting app that has this feature

2. Customer support function / customer service

Customer service is one of the most important things to consider in betting with any sportsbook, and of course mobile betting apps are no exception to this. Everything comes down to how the bookie delivers customer service and so it is very crucial that the app that you are about to use for your betting needs has a good customer support function. 

You can check reviews, do a little research on your own or even try the customer support service yourself to make your evaluations, but make sure that the customer service function is among the top things that you take into account before using any app. 

Remember that bookmakers don’t just sell odds, they also sell services which should be tuned and aligned to what customers want and unless they can deliver these services through their support system, then they simply aren’t worth it. 

3. Navigation 

While this should be very explicit to users, it sometimes makes no sense that bettors use mobile apps that they find difficult to navigate. Ease of use and functionality are not so subjective as one might think. Okay, it is important that some apps offer customization, where each user can create a tailored “system”, but some things are basic. 

There needs to be 100% functionality in the way that the app is structured, formatted and organized and everything should facilitate the ease of navigation and the ease of use. So, if you are not really satisfied with what you are already using, just keep looking.

4. Payment methods

Although by now it is kind of trivial to talk about payment methods, it is important to check whether the sports betting app indeed features the most popular methods of depositing and withdrawing money. Notably, you should also check the transaction times that are required for payments to be completed, as it is a thing that can either get you frustrated (if transactions are slow) or make you really satisfied!

5. Generous bonuses

Although this alone should not be a criterion for selecting a sports betting app, it can certainly be an additional feature or offering to think of when making your decision. Go for the generous bonuses and promotions, as long as you have already ensured that the previous criteria are effectively met. When all things are how they should be, having good bonuses is always a plus!

Written by Thomas Hein

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