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Why Has Manchester United Been Performing so Well Recently?

Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag hopes Anthony Martial can get injury issues in check.
Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag hopes Anthony Martial can get injury issues in check. (Photo by Michael Regan/Getty Images)

Manchester United has always been a team worth watching due to its dynamic players as well as the sheer number of fans. However, this club has been performing at stellar levels in recent times. Indeed, Man United has won 12 out of its last 13 games and such momentum shows no signs of slowing down.

What might be some of the reasons why they have performed so well recently? This is a complicated question to answer, so we will list a handful of interesting observations to consider. Whether you are a Manchester United fan or you simply enjoy following football, feel free to read on.

Taking Advantage of Opportunities

One of the keys to success when playing any type of game is knowing when to capitalise on unique opportunities. For instance, those who enjoy online casino platforms will make it a point to take advantage of options such as the selection of free spins found. The same holds true in regard to managing a football team.

Man United has therefore made it a point to onboard some impressive new players in recent times. Many will argue that the two most noticeable names are Lisandro Martinez and Carlos Casimiro. Both personalities already appear to be providing the club with much-needed momentum when moving forward.

All About Strategy

Some analysts felt that Manchester United became somewhat stagnant under previous management. This all began to change when Erik Ten Hag came aboard. He has adopted a much more nimble approach to coaching; adapting his style in accordance with the strengths of individual players and the competition itself.

Some of these moves have been extremely unconventional; leaving the competition guessing. It is a well-known fact that a confusing opponent is extremely difficult to defeat. It appears as if Ten Hag has taken this mantra to heart.

The Surprising Role of Cristiano Ronaldo

It is no secret that Ronaldo’s performance in 2022 left much to be desired. There were even rumours of an internal conflict between Ronaldo and Ten Hag. Things came to a head when this star player stated that he had “no respect” for the coaching abilities of Ten Hag. It did not take long for Ronaldo to leave the club entirely.

Under normal circumstances, one might assume that such a move would fracture the internal workings of any team. In this case, the exact opposite was true. The decision by Ten Hag to release Ronaldo illustrated that no player was “above the law”.

In many ways, this ultimately contributed to the cohesion of Manchester United. Simply stated, even talented players such as Cristiano Ronaldo are not bigger than the team itself.

These are some of the reasons why analysts feel that Manchester United could be on the brink of greatness once again.

Although only time will tell, fans of all ages have plenty of reasons to remain optimistic. It will be interesting to see if such levels of momentum can continue into the future.

Written by Thomas Hein

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