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Man United star took to social media to refute issues with rival superstar over captaincy decision

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Old Trafford.
Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Old Trafford.

Harry Maguire denies claims of captaincy struggles with Cristiano Ronaldo

Manchester United skipper Harry Maguire has firmly shut down claims about captaincy struggles with Cristiano Ronaldo on his Twitter handle. His reaction follows the recent trend where players have taken to social media to shut down talks of similar nature regarding dressing room issues.

Earlier, The Mirror had claimed that there was a tussle between the Englishman and the 37-year-old over their influence in the squad. Supposedly, Ralf Rangnick had told the striker to take the role of a mentor to the youngsters and take the load off Maguire. The boss wanted to take some pressure off the centre-back, which prompted him to take that stance.

However, it appeared that the decision only caused further friction between Maguire and Ronaldo as the former believes the dressing room will lose respect for him. But the captain has put down those talks by tweeting on social media that they have been made up for malicious reasons.

Harry Maguire denies claims of captaincy struggles with Cristiano Ronaldo. (Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images)
Harry Maguire denies claims of rift with Ronaldo. (Photo by Eric Alonso/Getty Images)

“I’ve seen a lot of reports about this club that aren’t true and this is another. Not going to start posting about everything that is written but I needed to make this one clear. We’re united and focused on Sunday. Enjoy your day everyone.”

Firm message!

Interestingly enough, this claim was not the only one involving the Red Devils duo that was proved to be false recently. Marcus Rashford lashed out at Christian Falk of BILD for stating that he, alongside the skipper and other English players, were unhappy with the Portuguese star for creating a divide in the team.

Fred recently opened up to Sky Sports by mentioning that there have been lots of false talks surrounding the Man United squad. Last month there was another case where he hit out at the news claiming about a bleak dressing room situation due to discontent among several players.

There have been other cases like this where the players had to come out and prove them wrong. The recent one involving Dean Henderson is another such example. We must not be influenced by such pieces of information and feed the negativity they are trying to spread. We should learn to do better after taking all that has happened into account.

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The Man United captain has mentioned the same in his tweet, but the central defender insisted that he will not address every single one of them. As such, we should be wary about accepting such talks in the future unless there is confirmation from reliable sources. These media are simply trying to feed our off struggles by making them seem worse than it is.

Hence, we must have some kind of responsibility to brush aside similar news if we run into it in the future. That being said, one could say it is the club’s current situation that is creating these issues in the first place. The management must get us back to how things were in the past to get over this depressing phase. Whether that will happen or not remains to be seen.

Written by Rijo Sam Daniel

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