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Man United star could end up paying five-digit figure to avoid 3-year jail time



Harry Maguire during a World Cup 2018 match

Harry Maguire could have to pay £90,000 to avoid jail time

According to the Mirror, Manchester United skipper, Harry Maguire could have to fork out £90,000 to avoid jail over his fight on the Greek island of Mykonos.

The 27-year-old was arrested on Friday on accusations of attacking law enforcement officials while on vacation in Greece.

Maguire was holidaying on the island after what was a long and hard season at Old Trafford. He was among three men held for the incident and spent the night in jail.

Harry Maguire was on a holiday with girlfriend Fern Hawkins in Greece (Credit: _FernHawkins/Instagram
Harry Maguire was on a holiday with girlfriend Fern Hawkins in Greece (Credit: _FernHawkins/Instagram

He appeared in court on the neighbouring island of Syros where he pleaded not guilty to the charges. According to the report, Maguire was questioned by the public prosecutor for two hours.

Being convicted would see Maguire pay a daily sum, an initiative taken by the Greek government to prevent overcrowding in jails. In this case, the United star could face three years in prison.

This will see him having to pay £90,000 to avoid doing so. The figure should not be a problem considering he already earns £190,000-a-week at Old Trafford.

Maguire's sister was allegedly attacked prior to the brawl
Maguire’s sister was allegedly attacked prior to the brawl

Fact or fiction?

Despite the issue not being resolved completely, Maguire is free to fly home by private jet. He does not need to be present in person at the next hearing.

It was alleged that Maguire’s actions were in defence of his sister Daisy, who was attacked with a sharp object prior to the brawl. This is unconfirmed yet. (h/t Daily Star)

It has also been reported that rival fans provoked the defender by referring to the Munich disaster.

The exact charges levied against Maguire remain unconfirmed. This could include violence against officials, disobedience, bodily harm, insult, and attempted bribery of an official. (h/t Daily Star)

Harry Maguire is a rock at the backk
Maguire can now fly back homeMaguire can now fly back home

It was earlier reported that the accusations regarding bribery were withdrawn. This has since been denied by the police.

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The fact that Maguire is now allowed to fly back home is good news. Regardless of the provocations, Maguire should not have put himself in a position where he had to react as he did.

It remains to be seen if United will initiate any disciplinary action of their own.