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Man United star enjoys a laugh at Sky Sports’ expense while revealing reason for goal celebration



Bruno Fernandes lifts the lid on the daughter’s role in goal celebration

Speaking to the club’s official website (h/t Express), Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes has revealed the secret behind his goal celebration.

The Portuguese sensation has proven to be an instant hit on and off the pitch at Old Trafford. His celebration where he skids along the floor with his hands on his ears has become a familiar sight for United fans.

The 25-year-old was asked about it in an interview with United’s official site. He revealed that the reason he celebrates in such a way is for his daughter.

“Sometimes, me and my wife, we talk with her and she started doing like this [puts his fingers in his ears] after she started doing this. And so, I picked this to celebrate the goals for her.”

Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes has revealed the secret behind his goal celebration
Bruno Fernandes reveals his daughter as the reason for his goal celebration

Fernandes jokingly went on to add that he has a beef to pick up with broadcaster Sky Sports regarding their lack of focus on his celebrations.

With his celebration receiving a lack of coverage, Fernandes has had to hear his daughter complain about him not copying her.

“I need to talk with Sky because, every time I did this, it never comes [out] so, all the time, when I call her after the game she tells me – you don’t do it!”

Seeing is believing

It is quite amusing and heartwarming to see the imperious midfielder send photographs to convince her that it really happened.

Fernandes has been egged on by his daughter to score three goals every game
Fernandes to score a hattrick every game? Yes, please!

“In the beginning, she didn’t know but now she knows, every time, it’s for her.”

Fernandes’ daughter has also upped her ante due to recent developments. She now expects him to score three goals – one for her, one for his unborn child, and the third for his wife.

A hat-trick every game? Pretty sure we will have no complaints about that.

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Fernandes has scored 10 goals in 20 games since becoming a United player. The sight of him celebrating is now a regular feature for fans tuning in to watch the Reds.