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Club legend leaps to the defence of underperforming Man United star’s wages



Roy Keane defends United flop Alexis Sanchez

According to the Irish Independent, Manchester United Roy Keane has lashed out at the critics questioning the wages earnt by Alexis Sanchez.

The Chilean international has been a massive flop since switching from Arsenal in 2018. One of the best players in the league at the Emirates, he has barely mustered a whiff at United.

Apart from being a disaster on the pitch, Sanchez has also cost the club a lot. His massive wages have not only failed to justify his output but also proved to be a stumbling block in the efforts to sell him.

Keane has given his two cents on the topic by defending the star’s wages.

Roy Keane has defended the wages earnt by Alexis Sanchez
Roy Keane has defended the wages earnt by Alexis Sanchez

“I don’t know why anyone would ever be worried at what players are getting. The first thing you mention to me is his wages. What’s his wages got to do with me and you?” 

He feels there are a lot of other industries where people get paid exorbitant amounts without having to face criticism for it.

“The bottom line is the club gave him the wages; the club agreed the contract and a contract is there to be honoured.”

Although we can understand Keane’s sentiment, we will have to disagree with his assessment. While the blame is on United for offering him a blockbuster payday, the onus to perform lies on the player himself.

Sanchez was a different player at Arsenal
Sanchez was a different player at Arsenal

The fact that he has failed to show any semblance of promise is more than just a bad spell. It is not like he was not given opportunities either.

As for claiming that actors too get paid without having to be questioned about it, we feel he is missing the point entirely.

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Two wrongs don’t make a right. Abolishing one person of a crime does not mean all criminals are innocent.

Sanchez is currently on loan at Inter Milan. His woes on the pitch have followed him to the San Siro where they now roost.