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Report – The Glazers’ stance on Man United revealed



Glazers to pocket 8.5m from manchester United dividends

Glazers have no intention of selling Manchester United

According to the Athletic, the Glazers have no intention of selling Manchester United.

They were only willing to let a Saudi Arabian consortium buy just a 20% share of the club. The American owners are unpopular figures among fans at Old Trafford. But it appears they are set to stay put for the foreseeable future much to the annoyance of fans.

According to the report, the family who have been at the helm for 15 years, are now very determined to steer the Red Devils back to the top of the Premier League.

The Glazers are not interested inselling Manchester United
The Glazers are not interested in selling Manchester United

A former United director, whose name was not revealed, believes the Glazers are attached to the Red Devils.

“People underestimate how attached the owners are to Manchester United.”

He went on to add that getting rid of them will not be easy. Just because they are keen to turn a profit does not mean that they don’t take pride in owning one of the world’s greatest sporting establishments.

It was previously claimed the Glazers were willing to sell up should they receive an offer in the region of £2billion to £3billion. However, they are now determined to stay put and continue the work they started years ago.

United are playing catchup to Liverpool
United are playing catchup to Liverpool

Returning the club back to the top will not be easy given who we are up against. Both Liverpool and Manchester City are currently miles ahead of us while also putting in systems that ensure continuity.

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Although the fans will not begrudge the Glazers if they do manage to take the club back to the top, there will be no outpouring of thanks from the United faithful. Whether the fans like it or not, the Glazers are here to stay.