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Man United value reduced by nearly half a billion due to coronavirus outbreak



Man Utd value reduced by nearly half a billion due to coronavirus outbreak

According to a report by The Sun, Manchester United’s value has plummetted by nearly half a billion as the US stock market continues to be unstable due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Ever since the disease originated from China, daily life around the world has come to a standstill. Flights and trains have been affected and even football games are being played behind closed doors.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

With many prominent footballers getting tested positive for coronavirus, it is clear that the situation is getting dire with every passing minute.

As a result, alarm bells are sounding off in our camps as the Sun reports that Manchester United have lost half a billion in value. On February 20th, our price per share stood at £15.34 but now, the figure has dropped to £11.47.

The report further claims that United’s overall value stood at around £3.02bn in May 2019 but now, it has decreased to around £2.5bn.

The Sun goes on to suggest that the figure could drop even further in the coming days.

Ed Woodward

With most football games now being played behind closed doors, it is obvious that we have taken a huge hit as far as ticket revenue is concerned. In addition, with the US economy collapsing, the after-effects will be felt across the world.

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At this point, it is important to remain safe and football can wait. The lives of our players and staff cannot be endangered for entertainment and let’s hope we find a solution for this soon.