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Manchester United had lofty ambitions before the season kicked off, but as things stand they will have to settle for a battle for a Top 4 finish and a good run in the Champions League. However, not all United players seem to agree with this and there are at least 3 players that are working their socks off to help the Red Devils win what is rightly theirs.

Winning the English Premier League might be a too ambitious step at the moment, but if the rest of the team start performing to the level of these 3 players then anything can happen. Players who have played know that it is darkest before the dawn and that big things can come your way when you least expect it. Jose Mourinho will be delighted if this were to happen and fans would certainly feel the same way.

Anthony Martial

Martial has 6 goals in 8 starts for Mourinho’s men this season. That is an out of this world number considering that in most of those matches (7 to be exact) he has been deployed as a supporting attacking midfielder from the left hand side and not a lone forward like the wasteful Lukaku.

The young French forward seems to have the knack of being in the right place at the right time and has been terrorising opposition defences with his mazy runs and curled shots when cutting inside from the left.

When the Red Devils made Martial the most expensive teenager a few years back, they probably expected these types of performances. In fact, they were probably comparing scout reports just like a casino goer tries to in order to find the best value for money then. Finally, it seems, the decision to acquire Martial’s services back in 2016 is starting to pay dividends.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba is getting a lot of bad press this season, but it finally seems like the flamboyant French star has started working on improving the aspects that caused him to be the target of criticism from both his manager and pundits such as Graeme Souness.

Pogba seems to have taken that criticism on board and used it as motivation to improve his positioning, off the ball movement and the way he reads the game, which has led Souness, of all people, to take his words back and for once .

Luke Shaw

Jose Mourinho seemed to have a bone to pick with Luke Shaw as he seemingly froze the young English left back out of the squad last year. However, that turned out to only be media speculation as it turned out that Shaw, in fact, wasn’t fit enough and hence the lack of playing time.

This season however, Shaw has upped his game a notch and Mourinho has made him a constant starter which has proven as a smart move as Luke is finally starting to perform as he should.



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