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Romelu Lukaku Manchester United

Craig Bellamy believes Romelu Lukaku has “bad habits” in his game and hasn’t worked on them. The former Manchester City and Liverpool striker was speaking on The Debate as Manchester United lost 1-0 to Juventus.

This was Lukaku’s eighth game without a goal, and Bellamy was quoted by the Mirror as suggesting the Belgian has a poor first touch.

“His record against the top teams is not great. But the way Manchester United play against the top teams doesn’t suit him – he’s often isolated.

“Believe it or not, as big as he is, he has all the bad habits for a target man.

“His touch is poor but it always has been. He was probably that size at 13/14 and never had to worry about anyone taking the ball off him.

“Now he’s up against men, if your body position is not right they will take it off you.

The Welshman further added that Lukaku got away with his poor touch when he was a youngster due to his physique and quickness but is now being caught out.

“He hasn’t quite addressed his bad habits. So as a target man waiting up there for people to join in, it isn’t actually his strength believe it or not.”

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Lukaku didn’t have a lot of chances to score against Juve, and even against Chelsea, he wasn’t great. The Belgian can be a match-winner on his day but for some reason, it isn’t working out for him or the club.