Jose Mourinho refuses to fight back after scathing comments from former player

Paul Scholes

Jose Mourinho was not going to get into a war of words with former player Paul Scholes after the 0-0 draw against Valencia.

Scholes ripped into our manager saying that he was surprised Mourinho was still in charge of Manchester United. The former midfielder also wasn’t happy that the manager was constantly taking swipes at players.

The Englishman was speaking on BT Sport (h/t Mirror) and also claimed Mourinho was embarrassing the club:

“I’m actually slightly surprised he survived after Saturday, the performance was so bad. He’s coming out in press conferences constantly having a go at players, having at go at people above him because he’s not getting what he wants.

“I think his mouth is out of control and I think he’s embarrassing the club.”

Manchester United Jose Mourinho

Mourinho has had his issues with Scholes in the past, as per the report, but this time our manager wasn’t shooting back at the former United star and was quoted by the Mirror saying:

“I don’t need to know what he said.

“He said what he wants to say, I’m not interested, honestly, I’m not interested. Freedom of speech, free country, you can say what you want.”

United are struggling at the moment and the last thing we need is more fights breaking out between the manager and a former player.

Scholes is free to say what he wants but he doesn’t have to hit us hard since we are in a tough situation. Our manager might have his back to the wall but that is when we have seen the best of the Portuguese.

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Mourinho needs to turn things around quickly at United and if we see further deterioration in the coming weeks, there could be some major decisions at the club.