£290,000-a-week Manchester United superstar insists he is proud to play for the club

As per a report from Manchester Evening News, Paul Pogba appears to have reassured Manchester United fans that he will not leave the club this summer.

Ever since he arrived at Old Trafford with a hefty price tag, the £290,000-a-week Pogba has been scrutinised by fans and critics alike. The flamboyant midfielder has endured a season filled with ups and downs this time but that has not deterred him from putting in some impressive displays when needed.

He scored twice to put United back on top in the pivotal derby against Manchester City. There has been a lot of debate about his inconsistent displays but that does not undermine his talent.

To make things worse, Jose Mourinho’s decision to exclude Pogba from the starting XI a few times did raise a lot of questions about his future. However, the Frenchman seems to have put all speculation to rest via this interview with beIN Sports.

As quoted by MEN, Pogba said:

“People want to hear about the manager and the player. You see some images of me talking with the coach. We can disagree but he is still the manager and I am the player. Sometimes I see things he doesn’t and sometime he sees things I can’t. But it doesn’t mean anything is bad.

“It’s good. He is the coach. He decides and I accept and I respond on the pitch. Just to wear the shirt to play in Old Trafford, I was here in the academy and it was a dream to play for the first team. I am proud, I know the fans and story of the club it’s Poggood.”

Considering the gravity of the upcoming season, it is great to learn that Pogba seems committed to staying at Old Trafford in the near future. He is a crucial player in our side and his influence in the middle of the park is unparalleled.

United have secured the runners-up spot for this campaign and we also have a crucial FA Cup final coming up against Chelsea. Undoubtedly, Pogba will have a role to play in that game and propel us to victory.