“I’m an Arsenal F.C supporter but, I think that’s pretty exquisite” Fans React On Twitter As Man Utd Share Pictures Of Refurbished Red Café

Manchester United is not just one of the most successful clubs in England, it is also one of the most supported clubs in the entire world. Go to any corner of the world and you would find a range of supporters who would love to get together and enjoy chatting about the Red Devils.

One reason for the support is due to the long-standing history and the hospitality at the club. A visit to the Old Trafford is not seen as a mere travel to a football stadium but rather as an experience.

Part of that experience is the famous Red Café at Old Trafford. Over a period of time, it earned a reputation of being more than a good place for a bite. Any fan who visits Old Trafford raves about how Red Café made their trip more special.

No wonder then that the refurbishment of this place has been welcomed enthusiastically by all the fans. United used their official twitter account to come out with the pictures of the refurbished Red Café at Old Trafford that would be reopened to the public.

And, the response on Twitter has been overwhelming. Most of the fans were raving about the electrifying atmosphere that is on display. There are even some Arsenal fans who seemed to be enjoying the exquisite place!

We chose some of the best reactions on Twitter for you.