Top 3 Manchester United Bad Boys

Manchester United has been one of the most consistent and spectacular Football Clubs in history. With constant results obtained both in the UK Premier League as well as in prestigious international cups, as well as the numerous world-class players that came from its benches, Manchester United stands out as one of the best and most successful football clubs in history. With 19 League titles, of which 13 gained under one of the best coaches in the world, Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United seems to only have positive facts added to its portfolio.

The truth is that Manchester United has one of the best team games ever, and always placed quality football above everything, yet despite this, some of its best players have proven true bad boys, both on the field and in real life, and these are the top 3 of all times:

3.Wayne Rooney

Rooney has been one of the most important and prolific players for both Manchester United and England’s National Team in the last couple of years. His football style is aggressive and unpredictable, while his speed and reaction on the field have often left his opponents mesmerized. Much like on the field, Rooney has proven the same temper in real life, with numerous scandals and public fights over the years. From being convicted for drunk-driving and subsequently fired by Everton FC to being involved in several sex sandals outside his marriage, Rooney meets all the essential characteristics of a bad boy. His latest achievement is a monumental fight with his wife after losing over £500,000 in a local Casino. This was not the first time when Rooney admitted to losing substantial amounts of money by gambling, while several Casino employees confirmed him as a regular VIP Member and definitely not a amateur.

2.Gary Neville

Showing great determination and commitment on the field at all times, Gary Neville has been one of Sir Alex Ferguson’s most dedicated and loyal players, and one of the most appreciated captains of Manchester United. What sets him apart as a bad boy are his extremely irritating and obnoxious ways to celebrate a goal or a victory, constantly taunting and provoking his opponents. In one match against Manchester City, Neville almost attracted sanctions from the FA, as a direct result of his obscene gesture towards Carlos Tevez. Tevez had recently transferred from United and managed to score in the match against his former team. While celebrating the goal, Neville did not hesitate and showed him the middle finger.

1.Roy Keane

Roy Keane has been one of the best captains of Manchester United as well as an extremely talented and capable midfielder. His incredible football techniques and interventions remain unmatched, much like his temper and moments of “craziness” on the field. Back in 2001, in a match against Manchester City, Roy Keane tackled Alf-Inge Haaland, a player with whom he had a history of conflicts, in the end deliberately breaking his leg and practically ending his career. Also, after parting ways with the Red Devils’ Team, he launched a series of negative comments regarding Manchester United’s early elimination in the Champions League.

Many other Manchester United players have lost temper at some point or committed unexplainable gestures on the field, yet these are some of the team’s top representatives and the bad boy attitude is a feature they carry outside of the field too.