Lewandowski to EPL? Silence is the answer from his agents!

Robert Lewandowski’s agent is not interested in any kind of offer from the red club in Manchester and the champions of EPL, according to the Manchester Evening News.

Lewandowski loves to stay at his present club and will definitely hope for the Champions League next season. The agents are unwilling to even respond to Robert’s transfer approaches again.

Also Cezary Kucharski, a retired Polish striker addressed the press stating that he didn’t want to say anything more regarding this topic and also he feels that Bayern will be perfect for Lewandowski’s growth and development in his career. If you don’t think so, take him on and win a free with fantastic odds.

Lewandowski is also not so happy on his teammates because of lack of coordination in the final Bundesliga game which lead to Lewandowski scoring 30 goals one short of Borussia Dortmund’s Aubameyang who scored 31 goals and went on to win the golden boot.

“Even Sir Alex Ferguson mentioned in his autobiography about his thought of signing the Polish centre forward”, read the Daily post. Also Alex Ferguson watched the German cup final in 2012 to analyse Kagawa, Lewandowski and Hummels along with Mick Phelan (Former United player) where Lewandowski scored a hat-trick for Dortmund (where he played for before joining the current German champions). But in the end Ferguson went on to sign the Dutchman Robin Van Persie from Arsenal after which United ended up winning the PL title in 2012.

Lewandowski is fit enough to be a perfect striker for a top club since he is capable of scoring many crucial goals and his aerial ability will definitely guide him score many goals. In my opinion, Lewandowski would definitely suit EPL conditions and he’d be a great addition to any top EPL club since EPL clubs are not quite effective in the Champions league in recent years. Lewandowski, according to me would definitely suit in clubs like Arsenal and Chelsea because if Chelsea lets Diego Costa go or even let him stay, Lewandowski would be a great addition to the side managed by the passionate manager Conte. Also a club like Arsenal will be complete in all the areas if they find a lethal, responsible and a consistent striker like Lewandowski who’d definitely create a great impact with Alexis and Ozil. With the amount of talent he has, I’d definitely prefer Lewandowski joining a big club in the EPL which will definitely raise the club’s strength.