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Manchester United legend Roy Keane

Roy Keane

Manchester United legend Roy Keane has given a damning verdict on Wayne Rooney’s future, saying that Rooney staying at Old Trafford is ‘no good to anybody’. As shocking as it is to see Keane come out with such a strong opinion, we all know that Keane is not a man who would shy away from speaking his mind out.

Rooney’s role has changed a lot over the course of last few years and is now nowhere near to being a regular in the team, although he is the Manchester United captain. He is a club legend and seeing him not feature week in week out is a hurting sight for any Manchester United faithful.

Ever since Jose Mourinho took over, Rooney has been a bit-part player and a lot of confusion has surrounded the captain. He is an important member of the dressing room and the youngsters would benefit from his presence. However, Keane feels that it wouldn’t be a great idea for Wayne to continue at Old Trafford if he is not going to get enough playing time.

Keane feels that Rooney is a kind of player who needs to play regularly to stay in shape and that wouldn’t happen if he decides to stay put at Old Trafford.

Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney

When asked if Rooney should leave Manchester United for pastures new, Keane told ITV,

“Yeah, if he’s not going to get the games. If Wayne is going to stay at United for the next year or two and play, what? 10, 15 games a season? It’s no good to anybody. I think Wayne is the type of player who needs to be playing regularly to keep in shape and keep on top of his game. So if he’s going to be a bit-part player at Manchester United, then forget about it, he’s got to move on.”

As painful as it would be, to see Rooney leave Manchester United, it would be equally hurting to see him warm the benches at the club where he is a legend. At 31, he isn’t too old for his career to be considered as done and dusted. He has plenty of football left in him and it is high time Rooney decides to do the right thing, at the right time.