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Florentin Pogba faces brother Paul at Old Trafford this week

Ahead of Manchester United’s Europa League game against St-Etienne, Paul Pogba’s elder brother Florentin Pogba has claimed that Paul starts buzzing when he loses.

Florentin was quoted by SkySports:

“He is quite irritable, he doesn’t like to lose. His head starts buzzing when he loses. I learned to lose and I would say that you’re not losing but learning. But for him, when he loses, he goes mad.

But these two games will be emotional and I hope we’ll take something positive from them. Even if United are a great club, anything is possible in football. The fact they’re better than us on paper doesn’t matter.”

He also added,

“In terms of being the world’s most expensive player, I think he has put that to one side because it’s more an issue for the media – he is not letting it bother him.

He’s just playing his football, even though everything he does gets three or four times more attention, good or bad. He can handle all of that because of the mental strength he has had since his youth.

Florentin, who is 2 years and 7 months older than Paul, also said,

“We’ll always be behind him. He knows what it’s like in our family. Whether he has a good game or a bad game, we’ll always be there for him.

He can win all the trophies in the world, but he’ll still be my little brother. When we play together on holiday, we’re always on the same team. “

On playing against his brother, he added,

“Now I will be playing against him and I’ll be marking him. It will be weird but that’s football. It’s something for the whole family to enjoy because I don’t know if it will happen again.

My parents will have mixed feelings because whatever happens, there will be one winner and one loser.”

It looks like Florentin is spot on about his little young brother. Paul, as we know, is bound to lose his cool on the pitch when things go wrong and can be seen showing his dissent quite openly. He surely is a player with character and is a winner by nature. With age by his side, and players like Wayne Rooney,  Juan Mata and Zlatan Ibrahimovic in the dressing room, Paul will surely come to terms with handling emotions better and will also continue his amazing progress on the pitch.

After struggling initially, the French central midfielder has started delivering on a consistent basis and is showing signs of justifying his hefty price tag that the critics termed as ‘too high’.

Well, it looks as though it is going to be an emotional reunion for the brothers and they may do well by taking leaves out of battles between Granit Xhaka and Taulant Xhaka.

It’s game on!