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Cooking up transfer rumors is one of the most senseless thing media does to get their news flowing all over. Modern football has grows hype related to everything that is connected to it, and transfer rumors are the best example of it. Even when there is no game being played, viewers or fans are hooked to the sport. Thanks to all the false news.

There have been many bizarre transfer rumors linked to Manchester United as well over the years. Let’s have a look at few of them.


  1. Lionel Messi-


The most recent and probably the most idiotic rumor in the football history ever has to be the one where some random reporter started spreading rumors of Red Devils going after Lionel Messi. Everyone knows the loyalty Leo has towards Barcelona as he progressed to becoming the world’s greatest football player at Camp Nou. It’s a total nonsense even thinking about it that during his peak time, when he is still considered the best, he’d make a move to a reshaping Manchester United.


  1. Ivan Rakitic-


The Croatian midfielder was linked to the Manchester United in 2014.

An extraordinary player like his fellow Croatian player, Luka Modric, but Barcelona were never ever going to let him go, having him only just joining the club at the time and being seen as the long term substitute for their maestro, Xavi.

Fast forward two years and the former Sevilla man has replaced Xavi faultlessly, and is a vital part in Barcelona’s machine with United yet to find a man of his standards in his role. It can be labelled as bizarre as in the form in which United is after Sir Alex’s departure from the managerial role.


  1. Sergio Ramos-


Sergio Ramos fooled everyone with this act. In 2015, it was reported that the Spanish defender and Real Madrid captain was unhappy in the Spanish capital and wanted a move away from the club.

A £28 million move was controversial, but it soon became clear that Ramos just wanted an improved contract with his current club, and had next to no purpose of joining the Red Devils and so it’s verified, Ramos is apparently happier than ever having won the Champions League twice in three years.


  1. Steven Gerrard-


This was one of the most irrational stories ever made by the media.

The Liverpool legend was allegedly subject to an offer from Manchester United and the story goes that Gary Neville was sent by Sir Alex Ferguson to try and persuade the Liverpool talisman to switch to their arch rivals.

The probability of this going ahead was next to impossible, but that didn’t stop the rumors going around.


  1. Cristiano Ronaldo-

Cristiano Ronaldo and Nani

Ever since Ronaldo departure from Manchester United in 2009, every year there are false rumors being made that the Portuguese forward wants a move back to Old Trafford. And further, some of the deluded fans actually expect that to happen and look forward to it, ignoring the fact that he is happy and winning trophies in Spain, and also fighting for the spot of being labelled as the world’s best footballer against Leo Messi.