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It was the year 2013, in which Manchester United last won the Premier League title. Although it is only 3 years, it almost seems like an eternity now. Competing for the 4th spot in the league and the FA Cup every year is not something a club of United’s stature should do, and we must be wary not to get caught in this trap of mediocrity and self appeasement, like Arsenal. The Gunners haven’t won the league since 2004, and every year they go from being legitimate title challengers in December to scrapping for the last Champions League spot in May. Despite investing heavily in the last couple of transfer windows, things havent changed a lot for them and here are the 3 lessons we can take from the Gunners on how not to end up like them:

1. Invest wisely

Inspite of heavy investments in the form of Giroud, Ozil and Sanchez, Arsenal have not managed to address their concerns in the forward line. Although individually they are all fine players, yet as a group they have failed to deliver when it matters the most, either due to injuries or due to inconsistencies. Ozil has made 18 assists this season, but only 3 of them have come this year, thus showing his ineffectiveness when things heat up. Giroud has failed to net in his last 17 appearances for the club, while Sanchez has been miserably off colour this year. If United are to regain their swagger, the focus must be on buying players who can benefit the squad as a whole, and deliver it when it matters the most.

2. Get a progressive thinking manager

Arsene Wenger has been stuck in one club for far too long, resulting in the fact that his footballing ideologies still being stuck in 2004. The Frenchman has gone on to the extent of blaming the fans for the lack of a league title, and if the Red Devils are kwwn on putting the Fergie era behind, we must try to get someone like Mourinho who doesnt rest on hia laurels and instead, consistently adapts and modifies his views on the game. While van Gaal has certainly made an excellent job at stabilising the club after the mess David Moyes created, he cannot be entrusted to take us forward.

3. Develop a leader

Not only their manager, even the Arsenal players have developes this tendency of letting everyone down when the going gets hard. At critical moments like that, a team looks upto a natural leader, mostly their captain to give thwm the mental boost needed to go the extra mile. Wayne Rooney is probably the most suitable candidate in that aspect for us, and it will be on him to take the squad and be the on-field Gaffer next season if we are to add a 21st title.