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Manchester United are preparing to launch a bid for French striker Antoine Griezmann in the summer as per The Sun.

The diminutive striker was crucial in defeating Barcelona in the Champions League and has gained interest from several European big names apart from Manchester Untied. Chelsea, Bayern Munich and PSG are also reported to be keeping a tab on the 25 year old player.

As per the report, Manchester Untied are ready to pay up to £65 million for Griezmann. Considering that United gambled with someone like Anthony Martial, which by the way worked out, the amount seems reasonable for a striker who demolished a team with probably the best attack of the decade. Griezmann’s two goals were crucial to knock Barcelona out of Champions League and push Atletico to semi-final against Bayern Munich. The striker is definitely going to be in heavy demand in the summer and is on Manchester United shortlist alongside Pierre Emerick Aubameyang.