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16 year old teenager Tahith Chong is ready for a move to Manchester United as per Elf Voetbal who had spoken to the player recently.

According to the report the player wants to move out Feynoord and is being chased by several clubs but the youngster has made up his mind about whom he wants to join. Chong is a strong midfielder with tremendous pace and with a hairstyle that resembles Valderama. He is also good on the ball and is capable of playing on either of the flanks. Overall he could be a terrific signing for the future.

Feynoord wants him to stay but he is not happy with the club as he was not taken seriously. Also given Manchester United’s history of giving opportunity to young budding players and turning them into stars it is only natural that the player will choose the Red Devils. The coach and the director is said to have had several discussion with him but with no result.

He said, “It was my intention to stay at Feyenoord, but no plan was made for me, then I said I wanted to leave, they made a plan. That was too late. At Manchester United I had a better feeling. You can feel it immediately when you walk in a club.”