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Manchester United fans have not only been perturbed about the performances at the club from all angles but also seem to have developed some kind of an inertia when it comes to the future status of many players. Marouane Fellaini, unfortunately, makes that list with a special privilege of reasonable backing from the manager Louis Van Gaal. Spare a thought for the Red Devils, a club where the manager’s future looms large at risk itself, asking players to expect revival would seriously be the last thing. Keeping all rumour levity aside, it is for real that United must deal with Fellaini’s prospects sooner rather than later as the season draws to an end with nothing but a top-4 slot to be vowed for.

Ironically, the reports suggest that for anyone affiliated with Manchester United, they might be seeing a lot more of Marouane Fellaini. Don’t know whether to be happy or resentful about this broody proposition the management has been making at Old Trafford.

Marouane Fellaini

Marouane Fellaini

That’s because midfield superior Bastian Schweinsteiger has suffered a knee injury while away with Germany over the international break which could keep him out of the rest of the season. The 31-year-old suffered a tear which did not ‘look very positive’ according to Germany coach Joachim Low, which has put his Euro 2016 participation in real jeopardy only to add insult to injury to both Schweini-fans as well as the Red Devils supporters.

This might imply that Louis Van Gaal will be forced to deploy Fellaini among the midfield forces in general Schweinsteiger’s absence as the army readies to see off the remainder of the season which quite frankly propositions the most important result-oriented games for the Glazer family-owned top club.

It is brought forward as the  popular knowledge that the big Belgian is often the target of United fans’ discontent as a lot of the fans share the view that he epitomizes the Red Devils’ deliberate and desperate style of play inspiring scrappy football despite having enough skill to let smooth-sailing passing to take the forefront.

Manchester United flourished after Fellaini was left out of the Manchester derby at the weekend bending the tie in the favour of the Reds’ while they were abject over two legs against Liverpool in the Europa League with him in the side functioning as that central floater inept of putting the ball in the opposition’s weak zones.

It does not sound like a casual coincidence? Does it? No. Definitely not! He is big strong hefty and all that is required for a footballer’s persona. However, his player profile is least bit dangerous contrary to his physicality, heading ability and that bog of Belgian-style afro hair that he sports.

All of the above discussions boil down to getting something done about Marouane Fellaini’s treatment at Old Trafford. So, what must Manchester United exactly do with Fellaini after the end of this season?

Manchester United Should Sell Him In The Summer Transfer Window:

Thanks to his bushy hairdo; for as long as Fellaini has contributed to United’s performances in positive light. Some of the highlights under Van Gaal (Spurs, Anfield and City last season), he has stoked out good individual games apart from doing the club greater good in parts. He has in an advanced role as well been an asset to the Red Devils for a long time. Alas! all good things come to an end, pun intended.

Manchester United must strive in aspiring to become a genuine giant of a force yet again in Europe’s elite class and that means buying players capable of taking them back to the perch they settled on under Sir Alex Ferguson or at least, the players worth bargaining for, who possess the spark of alluring the club to reach those heights.

At best, Fellaini’s physicality has beefed up a lightweight squad but United need a cleverer midfielder who won’t attempt to maim an opponent every time he strides out onto the pitch. The Red Devils better get their act together in finding out what peaks for them at the right time. It is high time priority decisions like choosing the right coach and the right starting XI took helm at a club that is world-famous for the records it has broken and the stature of cult-worship it has reached over the years in English football.

It is a venue where players come, play and emerge. We manufacture legends or at least, call them up with win-win kind of transfer deals to benefit in a way no other club can. There is a reason as to why we all follow united, ain’t there?

As for Marouane Fellaini, I have only one thing to say:
Don’t cry because it’s over.
Smile because it happened.

Part ways already… Period!

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