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Manchester United has been in serious need of a striker who can easily put the ball at the back of the net. This season the team saw lack of scoring goals. With injuries for many first team players, Red Devils struggled even more to finish the created chances.

United will be keen on signing a clinical finisher to end their goal-scoring problems. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has been on a wishlist for Manchester United for some time now. The French-born Gabonese player has shown a tremendous performance since his arrival in Borussia Dortmund. Aubameyang has scored 22 goals this season. The striker has been a perfect replacement for Robert Lewandowski at the club.

If Manchester United somehow manages to get the Bundesliga player at Old Trafford, then is Wayne Rooney to be let go after his comparatively poor performances in recent times?

No, the English forward should be kept at the club as he is one of the most important player at the club and certainly the most experienced one. Rooney has experienced many downfalls since he was made to play behind Robin Van Persie. He had lost his touch of scoring goals as he used to. Rooney also adapted the no.10 role pretty quickly and hence, found it hard to play as the lone striker once in a while. But still managed to save United single-handedly during many occasions.

Wayne Rooney is the only player except De Gea, who has shown the ability to change match results on their own. The English player with all his abilities and experience is hard to be replaced and is probably one of the few amongst the high-paid players who are actually worth their wage.

Aubameyang and Rooney together can combine into a deadly duo intimidating other teams pretty effortlessly. The Gabonese player can be a perfect player to play ahead of Wayne Rooney. He has pace and strength, and knack of scoring goals from any angle.

The Bundesliga Goal machine has netted many goals this season making him the second highest scorer in the German league this season as of now. The Dortmund striker however lacks in his passing and defensive contributions.

Style of Play

  1.  Counter attacking.
  2. Short passing.
  3. Likes to play the ball in air more often.
  4. Does not attempt to tackle to win the ball as much.