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No Power Shift In The City Of Manchester

Manchester City have for so long been the comical club who have provided the Red side of the City with something to laugh at down the years, What was there not to laugh about?

A club who’s celebrity fan is Curly Watts, the strange adopted terrace craze of the Inflatable Banana, the three stars above the club crest, signing Spencer Prior on deadline day, supposedly having the widest pitch, the greenest grass and tallest floodlights in the Football League, and lets not forget the words ‘Massive’ and “Bitter.’

This is the same club, whose manager once instructed his players to keep possession of the ball in the corner late on in a game when drawing 1-1, unaware his team needed a win to stay up!

On the final day of the 2011-2012 Premier League season at the Etihad, City finally laid that element of laughter to bed, but with three minutes of injury time left those long suffering supporters must have thought they were going to live up to their ‘Typical City’ tag.

Sheikh Mansour’s billion pound fortune has ensured that Manchester City are now a force in English football, two trophies in three years would suggest this. Sir Alex Ferguson labelled City the “noisy neighbours”, their first title success since 1968 means that for the summer those who live next door will be very noisy indeed as they finally have something to be loud about.

Sir Alex has had to overcome some challenges in his time in charge at United, City’s title win will represent another campaign in which he will look to put a stop to a team who some suggest could dominate the Barclay’s Premier League for years to come.

Unlike the Arsenal ‘Invincible’ team under the guidance of Arsene Wenger, and Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea team, I don’t fear or sense a shift in power, if you go off the season that has just finished. Manchester United simply threw away the league title this year.

I am not taking anything away from City, I have always stated that the league table does not lie, but its the fact is come down to goal difference that suggests to me that there is not much between both Manchester Clubs.

United only have themselves to blame for their disappointment this year. Just over a moth ago they were eight points clear of City and they simply crumbled, like a biscuit would under intense pressure after being dipped in a hot cup of tea.

Labelled by many as the worst ever Manchester United team under the guidance of Sir Alex shows just how well United have done this season to be pipped on goal difference, to a team who have invested nearly £500million on world class and quality proven players.

Next season will see the introduction of the Financial Fair Play regulation that will see some manners and thought into how City spend in the summer. Its a regulation that will ensure that no other team does a Chelsea or a Man City and effectively use financial power to go from being a mid table mediocre football team, to being crowned Premier League Champions.

This season following City’s title success, there has not been a shift of power in the City of Manchester, but its the Blue side who have the trophy and bragging rights.

By Kevin Ashford @KevinAshford7


  1. The difference this season were head to head matches. That's where they won their fucking title!!!

  2. I still think that the turning point was the match against the toffees at old trafford but not the head to head.

  3. I think your dreaming, what kept you in it was poor decions from referees gaining you unjust penalties and red cards for the opposition. If you look at how we beat you twice comfortably there is a gulf in class. Uless you spend big in the summer again (55m) lasy season you will be 4/5th next season. Perhaps robbie fowler can replace owen for you…..

  4. If vidic was fit United would have been champions. Spent a billion but could only scrape ahead of a supposedly poor United on goal difference. That tells a story in itself. Forever in our shadow.

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