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Manchester United legend Roy Keane

Roy Keane

Roy Keane is the latest former Manchester United star to have had a go at the team and the manager. The former captain was speaking to Notts TV (h/t Mirror) and claimed there were many “cry babies” in the team.

The Irishman said that there would always be disagreements between players and managers but footballers must perform once they get on the pitch.

Keane was asked if he was referring to Paul Pogba when he spoke about players not giving 100% and said:

“I’m not talking about Pogba. I’m talking about players in general. Players who get upset with a manager or a coaching staff and think ‘I’m not going to train properly because somebody upset me’.

“There’s a lot of cry babies out there.

“When you walk out on that pitch you’re playing for your pride, you’re playing for your family, you’re playing for your city, whatever it might be.

“Don’t get that worried about what the manager’s said about you, or the coaching staff, you get out there and play.”

Paul Pogba and Jose Mourinho

The former Sunderland manager wanted more fight from the players and added that they must play with pride, spirit and energy.

United have struggled to perform in recent weeks and couldn’t beat Valencia in the Champions League. That result made it four games without a win for the Red Devils.

There is a lot of pressure on Jose Mourinho to turn things around at Old Trafford and our next clash is against Newcastle.

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Should we fail to beat the Magpies, more questions will be raised about the manager and the players.