‘I will get a plane to Manchester and put mourinho’s house on fire’ – Man Utd Fans React To Crazy Rumour About De Gea

David De Gea of Manchester United

Manchester United transfer news never ceases to surprise us and the latest bit of information is that United are willing to do some weird piece of business, with David de Gea heading to Real Madrid in a £22m deal with Alvaro Morata coming to Old Trafford (Sky Sports). As weird as it sounds, it is hard to understand why we would sell the best goalkeeper in the world and buy an unproven talented striker instead.

De Gea is one of the most valuable player at Manchester United and surely, Real Madrid must be day dreaming really!

The news was actually tweeted by Sky Sports’ Football Expert in Spain, Guillem Balague. Just like every other Manchester United news, this went viral as well and the fans, as expected, were shocked and suprised too. Like, who wouldn’t be?

This is one of the strangest news one can ever come across and even Balague pointed it out in his tweet. If Woodward goes ahead with this deal, then surely, it would be a really wrong move from United.

The fans reacted to the news on Twitter and we managed to put them together to make a reading.

Here’s what Balague tweeted.

This was rather the best response to what Balague tweeted..!