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Clubs like Manchester United has an atmosphere that is difficult to leave even when you retire from the game. Paul Scholes made his return, Nicky Butt has taken charge of the youth system, Ryan Giggs has been assistant manager for three years and now we could see Rio Ferdinand returns to the club as well.

New manager Jose Mourinho seems to believe that Rio Ferdinand has qualities to become a part of his team and there has been reports that the Portuguese has already made investigation about his availability. The manager is impressed by Ferdinand’s approach to the youth and his authority over the squad as a result he feels having Ferdinand at his side will yield him greater control within the club and the team.

Ferdinand has already turned down a coaching offer to become a TV Pundit. He is also busy with various charity work and with his wife having passed away recently is unlikely to take up the job. However if he wanted a career in football management, it is a wonderful opportunity.