Wayne Rooney vs Tom Cleverley And Other Key Battles That Will Decide Manchester United’s Game vs Everton

The FA Cup semi-final between Manchester United and Everton will be a must watch, with the Toffees set to field a rough and ready defence.

United are favourites to book a place in the FA Cup final. Against Everton, the game could decide by how well the Red Devils attack a patched-up defence with John Stones and Seamus Coleman injured and unavailable.

This is the chance for Manchester United to get closer to a trophy this season. After three successive wins, van Gaal’s men are confident to thrash the out-of-form Everton.


    1. Marcus Rashford vs Bryan Oviedo


It will be exciting to see Marcus Rashford go against the Costa Rican defender as it can decide the result of the match. Making only 13 Premier League appearances, Oviedo has not been able to get himself involved well with his poor team in their pitiable performance this season. If Rashford shows his usual calm and quick display against Everton centre-back, he can conclude his team as the winner by netting a goal or two.


    1. Wayne Rooney vs Tom Cleverley


Ex-teammates will be against one another, both playing as the centre-midfielder. There will be a familiarity between the two as both of them can judge each other’s game pretty well.

Tom Cleverley has had an average season with Everton, making 19 appearances in the Premier League and providing three assists. The ex-Man United player has been able to create many chances with his key passes which usually go unnoticed.  He has also been known for making well-timed tackles to win the ball possession, even during his time at Manchester.

On the other hand, Rooney is working to get back into his form after a long break from injury. He might find it hard to go against his former teammate whenever they bump into each other.


    1. Matteo Darmian vs Aaron Lennon


The speedy winger of the Toffees can be a real headache for United. Even though he is short, his pace and agility does the job in ruining opposition’s defence. Lennon has been a better player than most of his teammates this season. The English footballer has created tonnes of goal-scoring chances, having scored 5 goals himself in the Premier League.

The Italian footballer, Darmian will most probably the man who will be given the job at the left-back position, hence, keeping Lennon outside the box. His performance in his last match against Crystal Palace has won hearts of many and can be a tough defender for Lennon to get past through. There will be a lot of pulling and pushing action on their flank to be expected.