Sir Alex Ferguson vs Pep Guardiola: Comparing Manchester United’s Legendary Manager With The Tiki Taka Master

Sir Alex Ferguson vs Pep Guardiola

It can put any person in a very tricky spot when asked to choose the better one out of two legendary managers. It can lead to a decision almost impossible to make if the person is not bias towards any of them.

Personally, I am a fan of good football before any club, player or manager.

When we put Sir Alex Ferguson and Pep Guardiola head-to-head considering every positive and negative stats or decisions from their managerial career, it can be stunning, looking at how neck-to-neck and awesomely genius at managing world-class football they are.

Sir Alex Ferguson:

Sir Alex Ferguson

Sir Alex Ferguson

The Scottish manager has achieved a massive success at Manchester United. Only a few will deny him being described as the best manager ever. Like Sir Matt Busby, Fergie remained very loyal to the Manchester side. Staying at one place and winning trophies continuously is a very difficult task and we see managers like Arsene Wenger struggling with it. Sir Alex showed us how to do it and win leagues in style without spending huge amounts of money like their rivals. The Scotsman was known for producing young talents who later became one of the biggest names in the football world.

The dominance Manchester United showed under Sir Alex was greater than ever. They were threatening for every club in the world. Red Devils kept marching on, overtaking Liverpool’s record of most league wins, and became the best English club.

Honours: 38 trophies including thirteen league titles and two champions league titles.

Pep Guardiola:

Guardiola is considered to be one of the best football managers currently and a very charismatic personality in the club. His first four years as the man-in-charge at Barcelona, he made a very great impact on the football world. The game he made the talents of Camp Nou played was very new and exciting. The total pass and possession play, known as “tiki-taka” emerged and working great against every team they played. Barcelona stepped up their game and came above all the other teams in the world.

Barcelona has since then been considered as the best team in the world by many. Guardiola’s Barcelona has been noted down as one of the best teams.

Honours: 20 trophies including 6 league titles and 2 champions league.


Sir Alex Ferguson vs Pep Guardiola: Conclusion

Even though both have them have achieved so much for the team and have had an impact so great that it can never be forgotten still, Sir Alex Ferguson should be considered the better one out of the two or the best. He has just didn’t make a revolution for a few years, he changed the coarse of the English football by putting Manchester United from a low position right to the top.